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We Believe

The First Four Years are Important

We take the first school very seriously. Research concludes that most of human brain is developed in first four years of a child’s life. The foundation of learning the learning process takes place here. It is important that both the logical and spatial thinking processes are imbibed by the child correctly at inception.

At KGK we have devised well thought out scientific methods of strengthening the process of learning holistically. Our goal is to awaken and foster in each child a sense of wonder; a creative and enquiring mind; and compassion for and interest in all life. We do this by delivering the child to a world of imagination, make belief, positive story telling, creative problem solving and giving vent to a child’s imagination imaginatively.

“Once upon a time,” the story begins. And sitting in a circle, listening to the soft fill in live music and the story the children absorb their teacher's words. Over a period of days, the story is repeated so that a multiplicity of images can build and live in the children. With exquisite attention to language Carers recount fairytales and stories over and over; children imbibe images and thereby strengthen the innate human capacity for forming inner pictures. These inner pictures arise again and again. Here is the foundation for reading and basis for language arts in higher school and for creative problem-solving and critical thinking in adolescence. 

We believe that children should learn in a natural environment free of any stress, non-violently and at their own pace. Naturally: since nature teaches silently but profoundly.